I have an application (say X). I have placed them in two folders ( A and B) in the web server ( i.e I have creted two folders A and B in the wwwroot of the web server).I am doing download in the application X.In the application I am accessing the download page using the url http://servername/A/X/download.aspx and http://servername/B/X/download.aspx.<BR>In both pages ( download.aspx) I have a button which causes the download to occur when pressed.The download causes a .mdb file ( say M.mdb) to be created in the respective folders of the urls. The download is done in a folder ( c:inetputwwwrootAXDownload and c:inetpubwwwrootBXDownload. respectively) I have given ASPNET user the required permissions in both the folders.<BR>Now when I try to download,the first time the download occurs fine ( say from the url http://servername/A/X/download.aspx). When download is tried from the other url ( say http://servername/B/X/download.aspx an error is generated and I find that the ldb file has been created in the download folder of the second url)I cannot find what is craeting this mdb to be created in the second url&#039;s download folder when I have first downloaded from the first url.<BR>The virtual directories of the two applications are different .Only the IIS in the webserver is same.<BR>Any help in this topic will be highly solicited.<BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Jay