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    I try to display the name of the file i have selected in a directory. I use the propertie of FileName but i get the sting of all the path of that file... Just want de Name of that file not the path that comes with it.<BR><BR>any how to do it ??<BR><BR>The file i try to opend is a *.mdb from MS Access so it can be diffirent names but with the same structure in to it.<BR><BR>thanx

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    Can you explain a bit more...

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    yeah first use the LastIndexOf method on the pathstring you get. say strParthString is your path string then <BR><BR>nLastIndex = strParthString.LastIndexOf("//") // in C#<BR>strFileName = strParthString.SubString(nLastIndex +1)<BR><BR>strFileName contains your file name<BR><BR>Warm Regards<BR>Ritesh<BR>

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