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    I have a button column that when pressed, i need hte corresponding checkbox to be set to false,<BR><BR>I can get all teh boxes to go to false by <BR> foreach ( DataGridItem DGitem in MyDataGrid.Items ) <BR> {<BR> <BR> bool IsReportSelected = ((CheckBox)DGitem.FindControl ("Chk1")).Checked; <BR> <BR> if(IsReportSelected) <BR> ((CheckBox)DGitem.FindControl("Chk1")).Checked=fal se;<BR> }<BR><BR><BR>This works for all rows,<BR><BR>but how can i make it do just one row<BR>I need to use<BR><BR>((CheckBox)DGitem.FindControl("Chk1")). Checked; <BR><BR>but the the DGItme is made in the for loop... how can i do this <BR>

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    public void MyDataGrid_Click(Object sender, DataGridEventsArgs e){<BR> ((CheckBox)DGItem.Items(e.Item.ItemIndex).FindCont rol("Chk1")).Checked = false;<BR>}<BR><BR>Cheers

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