help a novice in a simple asp login script

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Thread: help a novice in a simple asp login script

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    dear all i m a real novice and know almost nothing of asp .. hehehe .. but i need to make a asp login script for my site my server in win2000 with iis5 and access ....... the script should be like this : <BR><BR>viewers will access all the pages ... and all the pages will have a login form in the corner .... and the thing should be like : if the user is signed in then will show : welcome "user" and 2 links to 2 restricted pages (only accessed by logged in users) or else will show the login form....<BR><BR>the second option is if the user is the admin with the admin pass .. then it will show an extra link to the add user page?? where the admin can add users...and edit user profiles...<BR><BR>i dont wanna make copy of the pages as autoriged and unothorized authorized persons r needed to login into only 2 pages<BR><BR>so can any one tell me how can i get a sample script like this one??? please please

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    Default so many examples

    just go to google and type in "asp login page example"<BR><BR>Seems to be a lot on aspin<BR><BR><BR><BR>also in the faq here:<BR>

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