Do you like mangoes?

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Thread: Do you like mangoes?

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    mauriciovladimir2003 Guest

    Default Do you like mangoes?

    I was cutting from my tree...<BR><BR>I have 3 magoes trees<BR>1 Guava tree<BR>1 "Caimitos" tree<BR>3 lemon trees<BR>almost 20 bananas plants<BR>1 "granada" plant<BR>Some papaya plants<BR>...<BR><BR>But do not think I live in the countryside, I live inside the<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: Do you like mangoes?

    You are a rich man mauriciovladimir.

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    mauriciovladimir2003 Guest

    Default So so

    Not too rich, but all my family are professionals, so we live a high medium life (class)...<BR><BR>

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    mauriciovladimir2003 Guest

    Default I ask to my sister ...

    I ask to my sister for a scanned photo, But I couldn&#039;t get a response...<BR><BR>So It is the only I could find (maybe it is from 1979)....<BR><BR><BR><BR>My parents work in the National University all their live...<BR><BR>I have a sister and a brother, also they are professionals, but but, they are conventionals, not like me eee weeeirdd...<BR>

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    mauriciovladimir2003 Guest

    Default corrected link


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    Default RE: corrected link

    Are you the one with your finger up your nose ;-)<BR><BR>

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    mauriciovladimir2003 Guest

    Default YES I am <eop>


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