I have this code to execute a batch file:<BR><BR>Dim WShShell<BR> set WShShell = server.createobject("Wscript.Shell")<BR> <BR> if strflt = "5787" then<BR> WShShell.Run "c:importTX.bat c:output\" & counter & ".csv" , 1, True<BR> else<BR> WShShell.Run "c:import.bat c:output\" & counter & ".csv" , 1, True<BR> end if<BR><BR>The batch file uses an import engine to put the CSV file into a directory on another machine in another format, basically it translates the data out against a template file and places it accordingly. The import engine accepts the arguments of file name, template for import, destination directory, and e to erase the source file.<BR><BR>In the batch file I do specify the e flag to erase the source file. The file is being erased, so it says to me that the batch file, at least, is executing correctly, but when I look in the directory where the file should have ended up, it is not there. If I execute the batch file manually from the server (Via terminal services logged in with my username and password Domain Admin account), it executes correctly, but when I execute it through the webpage, it doesn&#039;t cooperate.<BR><BR>This seems like a permissions issue where the web user cannot write to the directory (Though the destination directory is set to allow everyone), but I just don&#039;t see what is going wrong here. There are no page errors or anything.<BR><BR>My second question is in regards to debugging batch files, Windows Scripting Host issues, etc... If I could see the window while it was executing the batch file, I could at least verify that is correct, but I just cant seem to make it happen. For the Wscript.Shell object, I have specified 1 for the windowmode, but the window isn&#039;t popping up for me. I have tried watching the server to see if the windows pop up there, but to no avail. Can someone help me with a reference to the best route to debug batch file and wscript issues?