Currently I have a Datagrid That displays a list of files in a directory.<BR><BR>The code I used to do this is as follows:<BR><BR> Dim fi As System.IO.FileInfo<BR> Dim di As New System.IO.DirectoryInfo("//c/HayesProj")<BR> Dim files As System.IO.FileInfo() = di.GetFiles("*.pdf")<BR><BR> Dim afile As System.IO.FileInfo<BR><BR><BR> Me.Datagrid3.DataSource = files<BR><BR> Me.DataBind()<BR> <BR>Using a Template COlumn I have displayed a checkbox against each file that lists out in the datagrid. <BR><BR>How can I allow a user to select the check box against certain files in the list and then for those files with their check boxes selected have a seperate button that will move those files selected across from the source directory to the new destination directory. <BR><BR>Currently to move all the files from the source directory to the destination directory I am using the following code:<BR><BR> Dim TheFile As System.IO.FileInfo<BR> Dim TheDir As New System.IO.DirectoryInfo("//c/HayesProj")<BR> Dim AllFiles As System.IO.FileInfo() = TheDir.GetFiles("*.pdf")<BR> <BR> Dim afile As System.IO.FileInfo<BR><BR> For Each afile In AllFiles<BR> Dim newfname As String = "//d/ProjLogHistory" & "/" & afile.Name<BR> afile.MoveTo(newfname)<BR> Next<BR><BR><BR>So how can I get to move only the files that have their Check Box selected?<BR><BR>I hope someone understands what I am looking for and will be able to help.<BR><BR>Many thanks<BR>aVBlearner