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    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039;m doing a bit of work on a new clients server and I&#039;ve been hitting a couple of bugs that I&#039;ve never seen before.<BR><BR>BUG 01<BR>When using &#060;!--#include file=""//--&#062; statements I get an error if I include ".." in the path. This also happens with server.mappath operations, and results that I can&#039;t access anything higher in the file system.<BR><BR>BUG 02<BR>I&#039;ve instructed the client to setup Virtual Directories accross domains (websites on same server, but setup as seperate sites) so that the websites can share data, but the virtual directory does not work. Could this be something setup by the hosts, or could it be a setting that the administrator can change?<BR><BR>It does occur to me that I&#039;m not sure what vesion of IIS they&#039;re running, so could this be the problem?<BR><BR>Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated,<BR><BR>Nathan

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    01. not a bug. parent paths are disabled for security reasons. see<BR>02. define "doesn&#039;t work"<BR><BR>&#062; I&#039;m not sure what vesion of IIS<BR><BR>Request.ServerVariables("server_softwar e").item<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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