I thought this was a simple question. I guess not.<BR><BR>I would like to dynamically set the height of my popup object based on how much text is going to be displayed. Can this be done?<BR><BR> I am dynamically filling a Popup object from the database when a page loads. Basically creating custom tooltips. How can I adjust the height of the popup window based on the text that will be filling it? <BR><BR> function getCategoryDesc(sDescription, item) { <BR> var oPopup = window.createPopup(); <BR> var oPopupBody = oPopup.document.body; <BR> oPopupBody.innerHTML = sDescription <BR><BR> oPopupBody.style.border = "1 solid black" <BR> oPopupBody.style.backgroundColor = "white"; <BR> oPopupBody.style.fontSize = "60%" <BR> oPopupBody.style.fontFamily = "Arial" <BR> oPopupBody.style.paddingLeft = "4px" <BR> oPopupBody.style.paddingRight = "4px" <BR> oPopupBody.style.paddingTop = "4px" <BR> oPopupBody.style.paddingBottom = "4px" <BR> <BR> oPopup.show(30, 20, (dynamic), 100, window.event.srcElement);--&#062; <BR> } <BR><BR>Thanks <BR>