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    i have a date field like 04/01/2003 (01 April 2003). for retriving the day, month and year separately, i am using the day(date) and year(date) and month(date).<BR><BR>while retriving the date, i am getting the value as 1 or 2 etc.<BR>what should i do if i need the value as &#039;01&#039;<BR>

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    You could simply check the length and "left fill"<BR><BR>strTwoDigitDate = cStr(intDayNo)<BR>If len(strTwoDigitDate) &#060; 2 Then<BR> strTwoDigitDate = "0" & strTwoDigitDate<BR>End If<BR><BR>Not great, but gets the job done. I&#039;m sure someone knows a better way.<BR><BR>Key

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