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    Good read mate, however I think in the end, regardless of how big the project may be or how well your programming skills are, determination prevails.<BR><BR>However in saying this, I do agree with the points made. I wish I&#039;d planned out my current project because what started out as a simple "hey I&#039;ll create a web based events should only take a few weeks" has turned into a far bigger project. For the last 8 months straight ive had many a night coding til 2am in the morning. Ive learnt a lot along the way, and probably the most important of all is "planning". <BR><BR>Interesting domain name too.<BR><BR>For those who havent read it...<BR><BR>http://www.readthe****

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    Yeah it&#039;s true if you&#039;re determined you can learn a lot, but trial and error is really costly in terms of time spent/wasted, and really the article is aimed at posts like this one :<BR><BR><BR><BR>the poster doesn&#039;t seem to have the slightest idea of his objective, never mind how to carry it out, but he seems wuite willing to leap in at the deep end without considering things first. (though the tone of his post could signify he&#039;s just trying to be cagey)<BR><BR>j

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    I can see your point of view...<BR><BR>Quite often when posting questions to this site, I am sometimes answered abruptly, or even sometimes in a gruff manner, but then I simply remind myself of the continous silly questions and comments you must be asked every day. I know, as I work in a helpdesk environment! "My monitor doesnt work....Is it on? "oh sorry..."<BR><BR>And that an apology is made after having travelled 30 mins to an offsite location. Sheesh!<BR><BR>So yeah, having a plan and at least somewhat of an idea of concept before starting is definitely worthwhile. Ill know it next time! To be honest, i had difficulty understanding simple &#060;td&#062; &#060;tr&#062; tags and jumped head first into an asp web based application...hehe.<BR><BR>And this is why it has taken so long. The thing is that im building this in my own time, so time is not an issue, however if it were, Id be out of a job by now!<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>John

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