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    I need to develop an online store for a small company. My initial thoughts are to provide a front-end for ordering and a back-end for management of products and orders.<BR><BR>If I did it this way, I would need to store the credit card number in a database. Possibly Access since it will be on a small scale. Can you encypt the credit card numbers in access?<BR><BR>Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.<BR>Jeff

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    Default A Number of ways...

    To accept credit cards you will need a Merchant account (An account with a company that allows you to accept credit cards)<BR><BR>You can accept the credit cards online, then process them manually (in a que fashion) like once a day, or whenever your billing/shipping cycle runs.<BR><BR>This is the simplest method, just remember you will want to have a Secure site to accept these credit cards on, and make sure your database is secure (Put it above your web so that outside peopl can&#039;t just navigate to it) You can write encryption algorithms and things like that to encrypt the passwords, I think there are also encryption programs out there to do this for you.<BR><BR>Another way to do online transactions would be like through a third party who can take credit cards and process them online. A service like Authorize.net specalizes in this sort of functionality. You will still need a merchant account, but most everything else is already taken care of. Authorize.net will accept the credit card, process the transaction, process the credit card, all in their own secure environment. You will not have access to the credit card numbers or any of that, so it takes that liability out of your hands (you don&#039;t have to worry about someone stealing your credit card numbers.)<BR><BR>And there is the "pay pal" way. You can create your own shopping cart, and pass variables to pay pal for processing. The only drawback of this, is the person buying on your site has to have paypal (This method is by far the cheapest!)<BR><BR>There are others, but these are the main 3 that I know about/use.<BR><BR>-- Whol

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