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    store a freethreadedxmldom object to an application variable, like so...<BR><BR>set objXML = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.FreeThreadedXMLDOM" )Set Application("objXML") = objXML<BR><BR>I&#039;m thinking of doing this in the application onstart sub routine.<BR><BR>thnx

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    Default In an application vaiable??


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    You&#039;d have to do Application.Lock/Unlock around almost any use you made of that object. Which would soon turn into a *huge* bottleneck.<BR><BR>You could probably get away with storing one set of XML in there, but if you used *anything* like "firstChild" or "nextChild" or "nextNode", etc., then you&#039;d have to use the Lock/Unlock, because the object only keeps *ONE* pointer to use for such stuff.<BR><BR>Now as a Session object...<BR><BR>

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