I query my DB and pull the results into a DATSET. And this dataset gets bound to a datagrid on my page<BR><BR>Also on the page I have dropdownlists that act as filters for the results in the datagrid<BR><BR>e.g. I make a selection in the &#039;location&#039; dropdownlist of &#039;London&#039; and the grid is filtered to only show the results that have a location of London<BR><BR>OK- that is all fine.<BR><BR>Now I want each of the dropdownlists to contain only values that appear in the grid.<BR><BR>So if the results just refer to results that have a location of London, NY, Paris, Milan then I only want these 4 values in the dropdownlist. Not every single location in the database (which is literally thousands)<BR><BR>So I figure that rather than requerying the DB another 6 times (there are 6 dropdownlists to populate) I can just select the distinct values in each of the columns in the dataset (to which the datagrid is bound)<BR><BR>Anyone know how I can get just the distinct values out of a column in a dataset - or rather thye single datatable in the dataset<BR><BR>Hope that made sense<BR><BR>