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    Is there any way to control the output of an ASP page to the printer? What I want to do is force the printer to count the end of a table as a page break, so that each table is printed on a seperate sheet. I've had a look at the onprint and onbeforeprint events but I can't see any way to use these to get the effect I need.

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    There's an FAQ somewhere on this site that tells ya how to place page breaks in the page... I don't know the number off the top of my head (ironically)

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    Default CSS : page-break-before:always;

    &#060;style&#062;<BR>.break<BR>{page-break-before:always;}<BR>&#060;/style&#062;<BR>&#060;span class="break"&#062;&#060;/span&#062;<BR><BR>Can be added to any tag.<BR><BR>Also, I believe there are other rules that apply, like all tables must be closed before your break and things like that, but this is the tag you use.<BR><BR>-- Whol<BR><BR>

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