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    Hi,<BR> When I type the URL of my Application and press enter a Windows dialog box comes up for entering the Userid and Password. After which I am allowed to access the Application.<BR>So when I logoff from the system by clicking the logoff button and then type the URL again<BR>In the same browser the Windows dialog box for Userid and password does not come up and I get access to the Userid and password that I entered before. But when I start a new browser session<BR>The dialog box appears. This is for both IE and Netscape. Do I have to change any Browser settings<BR>So that I get the dialog box every time I access the URL in the browser. Thanks<BR>

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    The dialog box is when the client authenticates itself with the server. The theory is that once you&#039;ve authenticated yourself, you shouldn&#039;t have to repeatedly do it until your session&#039;s over.<BR><BR>That&#039;s the reason you don&#039;t get a dialog until you close and re-open your browser again.<BR><BR>What you can do about it, I don&#039;t know.<BR><BR>Craig.

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