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    Hi!<BR> I tried in the way what you told. If I give response.expires="-1" and if I execute 1st time it created 1st prodnum(ex:100) for 1st record.If I want to create 2nd record number(ex:101) it is giving the following error:<BR><BR><BR>Response object error &#039ASP 0156 : 80004005&#039 <BR><BR>Header Error <BR><BR>/totalview/ProdEntryScreen.asp, line 9 <BR><BR>The HTTP headers are already written to the client browser. Any HTTP header modifications must be made before writing page content. <BR><BR><BR>If I give refresh(right click on mouse) the page then it is displaying the 2nd production number.<BR><BR>===In my asp file I gave ,<BR><BR>&#060;%@ language=VBScript%&#062;<BR>&#060;html&#062;<BR><B R>&#060;% Response.Expires="-1"%&#062;<BR><BR>Please tell me the answer. How can I get the 2nd prodnum.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Anu.<BR><BR><BR>

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    I was getting errors similar to the one you described here. The fix for me was to make sure that my &#060;%Response.Expires="-1"%&#062; snippet came before any html tags (i.e. &#060;html&#062;). You may also want to include &#060;%Response.Buffer = True%&#062; in there too, but I&#039m a newbie to ASP so I don&#039t know if it&#039s needed, but it works for me now.

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