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    I posted this in the Jscript forum on Friday, but didn&#039;t get an answer (It&#039;s not really a JScript question anyway) and since you guys here know EVERYTHING .... done with the buttering-up... thought I&#039;d give it a try.<BR><BR>Page one has a button that executes an .asp. That .asp gathers some information, displays it on page one using window.opener and does a window.close so you never really see the second page. The problem is that after the second page closes, the first page scrolls back up to the top. How do I make it stay still??<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Default Well if you reload the page

    that is what will happen.<BR><BR>what you can do is set a bookmark or whatever that is called<BR><BR><BR>use an anchor tag called whatever<BR><BR>then just add #whatever to your QS and it will scroll to where your anchor tag is.<BR><BR>

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