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    http://www.whysostupid.com/<BR><BR>I haven&#039;t read any of his recent work, but I recommend all that I have read by him...

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    mauriciofuentes2003 Guest

    Default We act like dogs

    The work that made Pavlov a household name in psychology actually began as a study in digestion. He was looking at the digestive process in dogs, especially the interaction between salivation and the action of the stomach. He realized they were closely linked by reflexes in the autonomic nervous system. Without salivation, the stomach didn&#039;t get the message to start digesting. Pavlov wanted to see if external stimuli could affect this process, so he rang a bell at the same time he gave the experimental dogs food. After a while, the dogs -- which before only salivated when they saw and ate their food -- would begin to salivate when the bell rang, even if no food were present. In 1903 Pavlov published his results calling this a "conditioned reflex," different from an innate reflex, such as yanking a hand back from a flame, in that it had to be learned. Pavlov called this learning process (in which the dog&#039;s nervous system comes to associate the bell with the food, for example) "conditioning." He also found that the conditioned reflex will be repressed if the stimulus proves "wrong" too often. If the bell rings repeatedly and no food appears, eventually the dog stops salivating at the bell. <BR><BR>-------------------<BR><BR>AND OF COURSE SOME ONE OF YOURS WILL GET ANGRY WITH MY PLEASURE ...JA JA JA

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    Angry at your pleasure? ARe you drooling ? ;)<BR><BR>The conditioned reflex matches well with DeBono&#039;s analogy in "MECHANISM OF THE MIND"

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    Default 230 Euros????

    For a *BOOK*???<BR><BR>WOW!<BR><BR>He might have some good ideas, but I can&#039;t see spending that kind of bucks to find out.<BR><BR>[I know, I know...he&#039;d say I&#039;m just reacting as I have in the past instead of really thinking about the long term benefits. If the book ended up being one page that said "If you had *really* been thinking, you wouldn&#039;t have plunked down that kind of cash for something sight unseen" I think it would be the ultimate joke.<BR><BR>

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    mauriciovladimir2003 Guest


    Yes, drooling infront a mirror...<BR><BR>And of course I will take your rapid response as a Angry Stupid Moment...J A J A J A J A

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    Default $345.00 CAD !

    Euros??? why not just give the price in Canadian :P<BR><BR>$250 US.<BR>I noticed that after posting! <BR>I think that ALL his other books are all available at "normal" book prices.<BR><BR>I found some comments about the price... but I would suggest starting with ones you can find for $2 at the used book store ;) or the library.<BR><BR>http://www.edwdebono.com/debono/msg11r.htm<BR>"This book is being sold in an unusual way. It is obtrainable from the publisher at the price of US$ 250.00. "<BR>"Urge your library to get it. Donate it to your library. Get together and make a group purchase etc. " E.D.<BR><BR>

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    I hadn&#039;t realized my response was so quick.<BR><BR>I thought that perhaps you mentioned Pavlov due to an understanding, not as an atempt to provoke; I guess that was stupid.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Well, he'll wait a long time...

    ...to get my money in any unusual way.<BR><BR>

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    mauriciofuentes2003 Guest

    Default I was testing both

    I was testing both: the dog and you.

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