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    Default Converting an array to text

    What do you think is the best way to turn an array (of strings) into one text string so that it can easity be converted back later by another page. Putting it in the querystring is no good for this specific situation.<BR><BR>The only way I can think of is by joining them seperated with some unusual character like "Ø", then using split. Is there a better way though? Ideally, it would be good if I could give each element a name, and then do something similar to Request.Querystring().

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    Default I'm not really sure..

    .. what you are asking for.<BR><BR>First you talk about joining an array into a string - the array object has a "join" method that would do what you need.<BR><BR>But, then you say you don&#039;t want that and want to have element names...<BR><BR>What about a cookie?

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