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    I have a site which accepts classified ads for a very specific industry. Although it&#039;s a non-profit site I&#039;ve still got to fund the site through the ads. <BR><BR>I&#039;ve been thinking of models and propose something along the lines of Google&#039;s AdSense. This is where the advertisers advertise on the site and website publishers can sign up to serve a list of new ads on their site. Click-throughs would be registered and the publisher would generate a little revenue.<BR><BR>I could syndicate the ads via Javascript and count the click-throughs to the user. <BR><BR>There&#039;s a lot of thinking to go into this and I wonder what your thoughts are.<BR><BR>Also, do you know if there is already open-source software which does this already? I guess even banner-serving software would be a good place to start but I don&#039;t think anyone has tried to put together a system syndicate the banner and register click-throughs per publisher.<BR><BR>Thoughts?

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    I believe it&#039;s free and is a banner serving system.<BR><BR>But, there are a boatload of companies out there that will put ads onto your site.<BR><BR>Trust me, it&#039;s a lot less work to contract w/ one of them as a "publisher" rather than contact advertisers, work out contracts and put their ads on your site.

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