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    Hi, I am wondering how I can upload a file using ASP. I have found some resources on it that I will look into tomorrow. But I would also need to rename the file "before" I upload it. How can I do these tasks in ASP. <BR><BR>The reason I need to rename the file before I upload is to avoid potential name clashes given by user. My code will make sure that a different name is used each time. Anyways, this point is just clarification, not required for answering my question. Thanks. <BR><BR>aSad

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    Default Most upload objects..

    .. allow you to specify the target filename so that you do the rename WHILE uploading.<BR><BR>Doing it "before" uploading implies that you would change the file on the user&#039;s computer - which you can NOT do.<BR><BR>But, take a look at the upload object&#039;s documentation. Generally you can do "SaveAs.." or something to that effect.

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