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    Not sure if this is the right forum or not.. But, on my main page a user can type in a city and state and click on a lookup button in order to get the zip. When they click on the button, I open a window that executes an .asp which finds the .zip and populates the zip box on the first page using = whatever. After that, I do a window.close(), so the user doesn&#039;t really see anything. The problem is that when the popup window closes, the first window scrolls back up to the top, plus I noticed a &#039;#&#039; after the .asp in the url address. What does the # mean and how can I make the first window stay still?<BR>

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    I am new to javascript as well....I would check out the JScript tutorials in the resources section of the page. I am looking at this one:<BR><BR><BR>But, I can tell you this:<BR><BR>The # symbol makes it so the browser doesn&#039;t try to load another Web page when you click on the link.<BR><BR>Perhaps the window object needs to changed??<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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