I have 4 checkboxes....

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Thread: I have 4 checkboxes....

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    Default I have 4 checkboxes....

    and if one is checked I want to disable the other three until the 4 is not checked. Any ideas, or a direction on how I can accomplish this?

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    Ok, do you want the cynical answer?<BR><BR>Trap when someone clicks on one. If it&#039;s checked, disable the others.<BR><BR>1) Use the onClick event to call a JavaScript function. Optionally pass the input object ("this") as a parameter.<BR>2) In the JavaScript function, check to see if the object that was clicked is checked.<BR>3) If so, disable the other three.<BR>4) If not, enable the other three.<BR><BR>It&#039;s 5:25 and I leave at 5:30, so I&#039;m not going to write you the code. Should be enough to get you started though, yeah?<BR><BR>Craig.

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