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    I have an access 97 database on a network. The db is stored on the server, the db works on one specific computer, but not on the other computer. Both are running access 97. <BR>I get the following error<BR>running time error 438 object doesn&#039;t support this property or method.<BR>I have reinstalled office 97.<BR>It is not an account problem.<BR>It is not a code problem<BR>So, what can be the problem?

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    It is not a code problem<BR><BR>Sounds like a code problem to me. I assume this A97 database contains some VBA? Have you debugged it?<BR><BR>My guess is that there&#039;s a component that&#039;s a different version. Perhaps MDAC. But without debugging it, who can tell...?<BR><BR>Craig.

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