God, White Knight, Wassup could you look at this..

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Thread: God, White Knight, Wassup could you look at this..

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    Default God, White Knight, Wassup could you look at this..

    post from yesterday and see what you think. I got one reply but I think that person thought that the mouseover image was also the link, when in fact it isnt. I cant seem to make this work, and dont know if it can be done.<BR>Thanks!<BR>http://www.aspmessageboard.com/forum/asp.asp?M=617516&T=617516&F=20&P=1

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    I did something similar, after hours of tinkering with trying to change the querystring, I just made a new form.<BR>set the link = "javascript:document.form.submit()" and on the mouseover change the value of the hidden variable(s) before submitting the form.<BR><BR>-- Whol

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    I can&#039;t see what the problem is, exactly.<BR><BR>You currently have it hard-coded, yes? So someone goes over an image and you link to "burgers.asp?type=horse" or "burgers.asp?type=mouse", depending on what they click.<BR><BR>Well, even if you make it so that it changes a hidden variable, you&#039;re going to have to hard-code it somewhere! What&#039;s the difference between these two things?<BR>&#060;slander&#062;<BR>&#060;a href="burgers.asp?type=horse"&#062;&#060;img src="mcdonalds.gif" /&#062;&#060;/a&#062;<BR>AND<BR>&#060;a href="#"&#062;&#060;img src="mcdonalds.gif" onClick="document.myform.type=&#039;mcdonalds&#039 ;;document.myform.submit();return false;" /&#062;&#060;/a&#062;<BR>&#060;/slander&#062;<BR><BR>You still have "mcdonalds" hard-coded in there at the end of the day. Maybe you should be looking at this from another point of view. What are you trying to achieve? i.e. why are you trying to "un-hard-code" those values? What more flexibility is it going to give you? I can&#039;t see any.<BR><BR>Craig.

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