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    I'm trying to incorporate some interactive maps into a web application created using VisualStudio.Net. In the past, ESRI (the company that produces the mapping software) had a product MapObjects that was compatible with VB 6.0. However, it doesn't seem to work with .NET. If anyone knows of any patches to make the 2 programs compatible, or has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    I know that in .NET, you can write a DLL wrapper around COM objects.<BR><BR>You&#039;ll need to look into something like this to do what you need.

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    Default How about ArcIMS?

    I have heard of people using .Net and ArcIMS together even though it is considered to be unsupported by ESRI. <BR><BR>By the way, there are very very few people on this messageboard that do GIS. I would suggest using the ESRI forums instead for questions about their products ( ) or call technical support at 909-793-3774. Yoo can also call your regional office. Even if as a company, they don&#039;t support it they might know of another client that has done some work on this who they can put you in touch with.<BR><BR>

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