Using NT 4.0 w/SP6a and all the latest patches/hotfixes. When I boot up, explorer.exe is creating an error message of:<BR><BR>An application error has occurred and an application error is being generated.<BR><BR>explorer.exe<BR><BR>Exception: access violation (0xc0000005), Address: 0x00401a89<BR><BR>Also, CDONTS doesn&#039;t work (though the SMTP server is started - but I can&#039;t control through the command line), and I can&#039;t open Internet Explorer.<BR><BR>Replaced all RAM - just in case. No change.<BR><BR>Found a couple of articles referencing this issue, but no positive result so far:<BR><BR>;en-us;170907<BR>;en-us;156366<BR><BR>Thanks for any assistance.