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    newbie question...I am trying to connect to my .net web server and I am having problems. I am using visualstudio.net and don&#039;t have IIS installed(thus why I am trying to connect the webserver). I can access it just fine in frontpage but I know there is a way to do it with VS. I have tried adding the server in the server explorer but it says the server is not in my domain. I have been trying to troubleshoot but can&#039;t figure it out. How does this work??<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Please don&#039;t flame me if my answer is not accurate, I&#039;m answering to the best of my abilities.<BR><BR>To my understanding, though, if you are trying to connect to your .NET web server, it is relying on your having IIS installed, because it uses that by default as the web server. I believe you can probably code fine without having it, but in order to run it or for debugging, you&#039;ll need to have it set up.

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