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    Is there any differences by running ASP on IIS5.0 between running the same pages on IIS6.0<BR><BR>We have recently moved from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003. ASP is enabled in IIS6.0 and pages seem to work fine. But one of our component that is located in C:windowsjava rustlib is not working. The site crashes when comming to the line where the object of this class (JodyMail) is constructed. Why is that?<BR><BR>We also seem to have a problem with the lines wich are using Application.StaticObjects.Item(" ") .. is it anything need to be done fore IIS6 to deal with ASP pages in the same way as IIS5?

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    it could be a permissions issue - since IIS6.0 is locked down by default. hard to say from here, but you may need to tweak permissions on the class file, maybe the JVM...<BR><BR>j<BR>

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