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    Default asp session expired

    HI <BR><BR>I have a parent window from which we are child popup window using , parent window has certain session variables which are lost when we open the child window , this behaviour is happening randomly , not always .<BR>IIS version is 5.0 and the session timeout is set to 60 min<BR>i have IE 6.0 .<BR>Is this coding issue or IIS issue<BR><BR>pl let me know<BR><BR>thanks in advance<BR>prglen

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    Default Depends on browser...

    If the browser creates a new *process* to handle the popup window, then that *process* will be in a different session.<BR><BR>If the browser simply creates a new window *in the same process*, then the new window shares the same session.<BR><BR>I kind of recall that in MSIE 5 there is a setting to control this.<BR><BR>

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