Maintaining session across subdomains?

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Thread: Maintaining session across subdomains?

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    Default Maintaining session across subdomains?

    I have a few web sites with a shopping cart that will tell you how many items are in your cart no matter where you are on the site. I am wanting to break up the web site into sections using subdomains (i.e.,,, but I am not sure how to maintain the session for the OrderID if the user clicks to another subdomain. Has anyone had any experience with this? Thanks in advance!

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    Default Can't do it...;ll have to find another way.<BR><BR>One exception, of sorts: If you use Server.Transfer--not Server.Execute though--you can transfer from one domain to another subdomain/domain and yet still be running, logically, in the original domain. Including access to session variables and application variables.<BR><BR>See the docs:<BR><BR><BR>Dunno if that will help you or not.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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