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    i was having an odd crash problem last night with the "Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors. Check each OLE DB status value, if available. No work was done."<BR><BR>when i was trying to view a record i had just -successfully- entered in the database (sql), it would partially display... it would show all fields except for the last one which was a text field... it woould then give the error above...<BR><BR>after some -serious- searching, i found a simple solution...<BR><BR>replace:<BR><BR>Application("co nn")="DRIVER={SQL Server};"...<BR><BR>-with-<BR><BR>Application("conn")="Provider=SQLOLEDB;".. .<BR><BR><BR>my question is this... can someone please tell me why that simple little change made such a huge difference in my update and select routines? im really curious to know what to look for in future development projects...<BR><BR>thanks!

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    Default Just difference in drivers...

    DRIVER= indicates an ODBC driver.<BR><BR>PROVIDER= indicates an OLE DB driver.<BR><BR>So asking what&#039;s the difference between them is asking like what&#039;s the difference between a train and a bus. Both are vehicles. Both get you from New York to Philadelphia. But beyond that...<BR><BR>As for the problem with the last field: There *IS* at least one ASPFAQ on that topic.<BR><BR>

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