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    I have an ASP page that runs a Stored Procedure. The stored procedure has been streamlined as best as can be, but it still takes a long time. So long in fact, that the web page returns a "The page cannot be displayed" error. How can I make the page wait longer? Please email to<BR>

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    The default at installation of Microsoft IIS 4.0 is 90 seconds. And it&#039s taking longer than that??!!!<BR><BR>Anyway, you can change that on the server itself in the Management Console (if you have access to it of course). It only works for the whole site though (at least I think so). So click on your site in there and go to:<BR>Properties &#062; Home Directory &#062; Configuration &#062; App Options &#062; ASP Script Timeout<BR>You should see "90" in there. It is in seconds. You can change that to affect the whole site.<BR><BR>Another way is to just change your individual page. You can do so easily by just adding the following code at the top of your asp page:<BR>&#060;% Server.ScriptTimeOut = 200 %&#062;<BR>This for example would change it to 200 seconds for this particular page only.<BR><BR>Good luck...

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