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    hi <BR><BR>i am struggling with Session variables, i have created a common page which assigns the session variable for users like admin of other users. i have called this page in all of the asp pages for authentication purpose(if the user is not logged in it will take him to login page), in the logout page , i have assigned the session variables null value and redirected the user to index page. the probelm is once in the index page. if the user presses the back button it is taking him the previous page. which in reality should not happen , but once i press refresh or any other link in that page, the condition is being checked and user goes to login page. <BR><BR>why is that when user presses the back button , the asp script is not getting executed if it did , the user should directly go to login page<BR><BR>i tried that method of clear history on order to disable back button as it was mentioned in your website. but now what is happening is that user is going back page one behind the previuos, which is understandable last page history is being cleared, <BR><BR>can anybody let me know what needs to done to rectify this probelm and how is proper logout page written<BR><BR><BR>any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated <BR><BR>thanx in advance <BR><BR>regards<BR>venu

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    I think you just need to prevent caching on the page you back to to force it to re-run, look for caching in the FAQ&#039;s, if you can&#039;t find it, let me know and I&#039;ll dig something out..

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