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Thread: frames and document,.url problem

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    this code snippet gives an access error....i am trying to read the url of the bottom frames document<BR><BR>&#060;script language="javascript"&#062;<BR>var the_url;<BR>function get_url()<BR>{<BR> the_url=parent.bottom.document.URL;<BR> alert ("the url is " + the_url);<BR> document.myform.some_url.value=the_url;<BR> form.submit();<BR>}<BR>&#060;/script&#062;<BR><BR><BR>any ideas?<BR><BR>TIA<BR>Bastien<BR><BR>

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    if the two frames are loaded from different servers, you WILL get &#039;access denied&#039;. you can&#039;t script content which isn&#039;t yours, y&#039;see. that woudl open all manner of privacy and securiy holes.<BR><BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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