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    Hope I&#039;m posting this in the right forum. If I&#039;m not, someone please enlighten to me as to which forum this message should be posted in. <BR><BR>First, I&#039;d like to point out that I&#039;m still a novice when it comes to Web sites. :) <BR><BR>Anyhow, I&#039;ve been working on an existing Web site. The site&#039;s search engine uses Microsoft&#039;s Index Server. It works very well, but when you get PDFs as a result of a search, their titles are wrong. I can&#039;t figure out how to fix this problem. Are the PDFs the problem or is it Index Server?<BR><BR>For example, if you search for baing, it brings up the following PDFs (these are their titles):<BR><BR>1. Baking cookies finalversion2.PDF. (Correct title: Baking cookies)<BR>2. Baking pies.PDFmontons bakery (Correct title: Baking pies)<BR>3. Baking cakes.PDFUseDfltREalm:false AdminIPs:172.16. UserIPs: (Correct title: Baking cakes)<BR>4. Baking squares.PDF"/test/test.a (Correct title: Baking squares)

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    Default No idea, but... might be worth searching the MSDN pages or other relevant Microsoft websites:<BR><BR><BR> <BR><BR>Oliver.

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