I have the following code<BR><BR>Retry_Logic :<BR>objHTTP.Open "POST", ****, True<BR>objHTTP.send content$<BR><BR>Dim varRet<BR>If objHTTP.readyState &#060;&#062; 4 Then<BR> varRet = objHTTP.waitForResponse(180)<BR>End If<BR><BR> If varRet = False Then<BR> objHTTP.abort<BR> If gRetryAttempt &#060; 3 Then<BR> gRetryAttempt = gRetryAttempt + 1<BR> GoTo Retry_Logic<BR> Else<BR> Exit Function<BR> End If<BR> End If<BR><BR>What is happening is instead of waiting for 180 seconds for a response from the other server, it comes out of the loop in 30 seconds and wents to the Retry. It tries for three times as I want but the problem is why wait for only 30 seconds. WHY ?