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    Hi,<BR><BR>I don&#039;t think what I am looking for exist, but since I&#039;ve already searched and didn&#039;t find any answers I thought I would finally ask it here.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve a webpage that use ASP, it have been tested during developement with IIS and went live on a server. Now the individual that wanted the site would like to have a copy of the site on a CD, he would want to browse the CD starting from the home page just like if it was on the server. I guess a sort of software that would act as an ASP interpreter for Windows would do that but I don&#039;t know of any if there&#039;s any at all. <BR><BR>So my question is, is it possible? Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>JF~

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    Default Not Really

    Personal Web Server from Microsoft would be the only option. He would have to install PWS on his computer and run it like that. This is not a good solution for what you want. <BR>

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    Default Maybe look into products..

    .. the spider a site and create a HTML version of it.

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