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    Hello. I would like to add about 9 checkboxes to a form. The user can select as few or as many boxes as they like. The results will then be sent to an SQL database and stored in a table. I then need to create another ASP page that will retrieve at a later date the info from the boxes that were checked, and display them on the new page.<BR><BR>So if there are 9 possible checkboxes and a user selects 3 of them, only these 3 choices will appear on the summary page. The summary page is not generated directly after submitting the form, rather the info is stored and recalled by the user at a later date.<BR><BR>How would I do this, and is there a tutorial that exists to step me through it?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default Start with your DB design

    If these are truly independent checkboxes, then it wouldn&#039;t be too terrible to have each represented by a single field in the same record/table.<BR><BR>But if these are, just to pick an example, food preferences, so that someday you might want to ask "who likes both clam chowder and sushi?", then you need to put the checkbox answers into a separate table.<BR> Table: Preferences<BR> userID : foreign key to main "users" table<BR> preference : number or text, to indicate the chosen preference<BR><BR>As for the rest of your question: Read the ASPFAQs. There&#039;s a link to them at the top right corner of this very page.<BR><BR>Look in the "Databases, General" category. Find the one about "effective use of checkboxes". And then look in the "Forms" category and find the first one in that category.<BR><BR>Look around. This is an extremely common problem. TRY some coding. If it almost but not quite works, THEN is the time to come back and ask for help.<BR><BR>

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