Here is the database setup <BR>Switches <BR>- Line <BR>- Station A <BR>- Station B <BR><BR>Station <BR>- Station Name ( STN_NAME) <BR>- Station Abbreviation (STN) <BR><BR>Both Station A and Station B are filled with the Station Abbreviations from the Station database. <BR><BR>I have a form which shows Station A and Station B as comboboxes, and I want to show the full Station Name instead of the Station Abbreviation. However, I can&#039;t get them to be unique! What ever Station A is showing is what Station B shows as well. I can&#039;t get them seperated! Help! <BR><BR>Here&#039;s some of my code: <BR><BR>daSwitch.Fill(dsSwitch.Switches) <BR>daStation.Fill(dsSwitch.Stations) <BR><BR>combobox1.DataSource = dsSwitch <BR>combobox1.DisplayMember = "Stations.STN_NAME" <BR>combobox1.ValueMember = "Stations.STN" <BR>combobox1.DataBindings.Add("SelectedValue", dsSwitch, "Switches.Station A") <BR><BR>combobox2.DataSource = dsSwitch <BR>combobox2.DisplayMember = "Stations.STN_NAME" <BR>combobox2.ValueMember = "Stations.STN" <BR>combobox2.DataBindings.Add("SelectedValue", dsSwitch, "Switches.Station B") <BR><BR><BR>Both combobox1 and combobox2 show Station A&#039;s values, and both change when the combo box is changed for Station A or Station B. <BR><BR>I would like them to use the same source and operate independently. Is this possible? <BR><BR><BR>- Dawn