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    We have a rather large website that we support that is mostly html but some asp. Currently we use a domain account that all users share for access / security. The client is interested in changing this to one password per plant (there are 200 of these).<BR><BR>I know we can create an NT/2000 user for each one, but that seems like a maintenance nitemare. <BR><BR>Form based seemed like a solution but I believe we would have to change each html page to asp that we want protected. WOuld this be true?<BR><BR>Is anyone ware of a tool or component that would allow us to keep all the users in a sql db but tie them to an NT account.<BR><BR>Any thoughts on the subject is appreciated.

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    &#060;probable waffle alert&#062;<BR>Couldn&#039;t you use ADSI to accomplish this?<BR>&#060;/probable waffle alert&#062;<BR><BR>I&#039;m pretty sure you can "talk" to the NT user accounts through ADSI. So if all you&#039;re after is a web-based interface, then that&#039;d work. Or you could use ADSI to possibly "tie together" a SQL Server database and the actual NT users...<BR><BR>Could be tricky though. Could *really* screw up some accounts if it was done wrongly/badly!<BR><BR>Craig.

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