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    Does anyone have any experience with processing payments online?<BR>I have setup my own shopping cart, I know I need to setup a merchant account, and a payment gateway but am not sure how to go about this. I think my business already has a Certificate so I could use that for the secure transactions.<BR><BR>Any one have any pointers to give me or know of a good webstie? I found this site, which gave a good basic overview but I need something a bit more in-depth and all the other sites I find are looking to charge money to setup my site, which I dont want. Thanks.

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    Default Unfortunately, there is no one definitive...

    ...answer. It all depends on the number of transactions you have a month, the average value per transaction, which bank you prefer, whether you are happy to pay a fee per transaction or would rather just pay on monthly basis, etc., etc.<BR><BR>As far as I know, whichever bank or other transaction processing company you go, they&#039;re most certainly going to charge you for setting up the merchant account, then a fee per transaction and a monthly fee on top of that.<BR><BR>It may be worth talking to the bank you currently use for your company accounts, because they might be able to make you a special offer.<BR><BR>We decided that for the small volume of orders and the average small value we deal with, it wasn&#039;t worth setting up on-line transactions. Instead, we process all orders manually and feed them through the PDQ in our office.<BR><BR>Sorry that I can&#039;t help you any further,<BR>Oliver.

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