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    I use IFRAMES a lot on my pages to force data into a specified template. Basicaly the template is loaded in the main window and it contains an IFRAME that holds the documnet I am looking at/ I am having problems though coming up with a good printing sollution. The normal method of simply printing does not work because it will only print the part of the IFRAME that is visible at the time. So I figured I could use the print() method and a link to the frame. SO I put a button in my main window that has theFrameName.print() as it&#039;s onClick method. This still prints thw whole window though with the contents of the frame cut out. The name is right because I use it for forwadr and back buttons and they work fine. What am I doing wrong? Or will this just not work?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Andrew

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    I think if memory servers you have to set the Focus to the frame you want...<BR><BR>Or was that another language altogether ... ?

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