I am having trouble understanding microsofts webclient upload.file method. Here is their code example:<BR><BR> Console.Write("
Please enter the URL to post data to : ");<BR> String uriString = Console.ReadLine();<BR><BR> // Create a new WebClient instance.<BR> WebClient myWebClient = new WebClient();<BR><BR> Console.WriteLine("
Please enter the fully qualified path of the file to be uploaded to the URL");<BR> string fileName = Console.ReadLine();<BR><BR> Console.WriteLine("Uploading {0} to {1} ...",fileName,uriString); <BR> // Upload the file to the URL using the HTTP 1.0 POST.<BR> byte[] responseArray = myWebClient.UploadFile(uriString,"POST",fileName); <BR><BR> // Decode and display the response.<BR> Console.WriteLine("
Response Received.The contents of the file uploaded are:
{0}",Encoding.ASCII.GetString(responseArray));<BR> <BR>What is the URI that I should be posting to? Is the ip of the server I want to upload to? If so how do I specify what directory I want to upload to? If this is an actuall url to an aspx page what does the code for that page need to be?<BR><BR>If anyone has used this method with sucess I would really appreciate the help. I am working on a deadline and cannot figure this stuff out. Thanks.