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    Dave Purcell Guest

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    Hello,<BR><BR>I&#039m trying to run an Microsoft Access macro from a server-side include page (.stm) using the following:<BR><BR>&#060;!--#exec cmd="C:Progra~1Micros~2OfficeMSAccess.exe f:InetPubsitenamedata est.mdb /x ExportToFoxpro"--&#062;<BR><BR>When I load the page, it cranks away for sometime and finally times out. It appears that Access has started, as it shows up in the Task Manager on the server. I can get test batch files to run, so it wouldn&#039t appear to be a permissions issue (unless .exe&#039s are treated differently than .bat&#039s). I have no clues, the MS site has been no help, and I&#039m at wits end. Any clues? I&#039m using IIS/NT 4.0.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance, <BR>Dave<BR><BR >

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    Yes, I have had this exact same problem. Task manager shows it open, and let me guess, its not quiting is it?<BR>Try this. enable the account its being run under (IUSR_machinename) to be allowed to have interactive logons. log on through that account, run that command manually. Notice whats happening? The stupid paper clip is being opened as the macro is being launched. it sits there waiting for input. If you disable the stupid assistant under that account, it should work fine. Let me know if this helps..<BR>

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    Dave Purcell Guest

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    Thanks, Thrawn. I can run this from the command line with no problem, and I already have the stupid paper clip ***&#039t disabled. It&#039s turned out to be a permissions problem, but I still don&#039t have a cure for it, except to make the person who logs in an Administrator, which I don&#039t want to do.<BR><BR>Dave

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