How to design the following?<BR><BR>Have a number of tables each with a primary key and a text field for example (SQL 2000 database)<BR><BR>Table 1 – Key1, Text1, Key2, Text2, etc<BR><BR>Table 2 – Key1, Text1, Key2, Text2, etc<BR><BR>Within the text of any table there could be a some text like “Some text (1,1)”. The (1,1) refers to Table 1, Key1, another example might be “Some other text (3,4)”. The (3,4) would be Table 3, Key 4.<BR><BR>I want to be able to read this text into a web page and be able to have hyperlinks/bookmarks for each of these references, so the “(1,1)” of “Some Text (1,1) would take you to the text from Table 1, Key 1.<BR><BR>What is the best way of doing this?<BR><BR>I started by creating a table in an ASP page with 2 columns and reading the data in, the Key into column 1 and Text into column 2. I can bookmark each of the Keys that I read in. But how when I read the text from the database I would know that “(1,1)” is a hyperlink? I am storing this currently as varchar as there is other text. Can you store a specific hyperlink/bookmark within some text into a database and how would this be referenced. Any suggestions greatly appreciated as long as I have made some sense.<BR>