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    Default Storing values during a user session

    How is it possible to &#039;hold&#039; drop down menu values during a user session. By this I mean, if a user were to select a given desired location via a drop down menu, and only wanted to see events on at that location, how is this possible? I can hold the drop downs using a subroutine on the page, however when the user returns to the page a second time from a different area within the site, it rolls back to default. This isnt acceptable.<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>John

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    Default I thought you already knew the answer...

    ...just because of the wording of your subject!<BR><BR>The answer is: Store them in the session.<BR><BR>In session variables, that is:<BR><BR> &#060;%<BR> Session("anyName") = anyValue<BR> %&#062;<BR>on one page and then<BR> &#060;%<BR> desiredLocation = Session("Location13")<BR> %&#062;<BR>in another page. Where all names are arbitrary, of course.<BR><BR>

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    Default Cheers Bill


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    Default Still got problems...

    The session("value") is pointing to a request.form object. Everything once the request.form object is defined is ok, however once users leave the page and return, they once again have to define this request.form value.<BR><BR>Something like this is what I have...<BR><BR>Session("location") = request.form("location")<BR><BR>As you can see this is obviously not doing what I need it to.

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    Default RE: Still got problems...

    check if the session("location") has a value !<BR>if not then Session("location") = request.form("location")<BR><BR>so<BR><BR>if Session("location") = "" then<BR> Session("location") = request.form("location")<BR>End if

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