I am trying to create a cookies collection, I use the following code to see if the collection already exists:<BR><BR>cFirstCode = rtrim(Request.Cookies("Cookie")("0"))<BR>IF len(cFirstCode) = 0 then<BR> Response.Cookies("Cookie").Expires = #January 01, 2010#<BR> Response.Cookies("Cookie").domain = "https://youdontreallyneedtoknow.com/"<BR> Response.Cookies("Cookie").secure = True<BR> Response.Cookies("Cookie")("0") = rtrim(objRS("CookieVal"))<BR>end if<BR><BR>This code ALWAYS EXECUTES! I have the expiry in 2010, but the cookie is always over-written.<BR><BR>I display the current cookie value on the screen in the html portion of the page, and the only value that ever exists is in position "0", leaving "1" - "10" empty. The value in position "0" is always the most recently added value.<BR><BR>(Note: I am not assigning all values in one session... <BR>New elements are added (numbered "0" - "10") as they are needed)<BR><BR>The cookie always seems to only contain the most recent cookie value.<BR><BR>If I take out the code to add/change the cookie values, and just leave the info to print the cookie in the HTML section, upon hitting refresh the cookie value becomes "".<BR><BR>I should end-up with:<BR><BR>("Cookie")("0") = "ABC"<BR>("Cookie")("1") = "DEF"<BR>("Cookie")("2") = "HIJ"<BR><BR>etc.<BR><BR>Aaaaargh!<BR><BR><BR>