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Thread: sometimes not answering is good!

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    Default sometimes not answering is good!

    hi all, ( PLEASE READ TILL THE END )<BR><BR>first i want to thank you all and thank "aspmessageboard" for this ideal great friendly forum. BUT what about the subject of this message?!! well... within the last 2 weeks i&#039;ve been posting questions ( not few! ) and none of them been answered, that made me work REAL HARD to find the solutions which most of the time i find, THANK GOD!!. But why not answered?!<BR>I know that the people of this board are the greatest and no reason other than the questions are bad made the situation so.<BR><BR>so, i would suggest that the most-often answering people to post replies to this meesage explaining the best way to post a question, and what kind and way of question they like best to answer, people like( the_original_andrew, BillWilkinson, egghead and the others) all can benifit and let this forum to give its best which is lost in bad-formed questions.<BR><BR>thats all, thanx for hearing are the best !:)

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    Default Speaking for myself only...

    I am *NOT* an ASP.NET user. Strangely, I *am* a heavy VB.NET user, but only for non-ASP projects.<BR><BR>So don&#039;t ask me about ASP.NET problems that have to do with forms and database displays and the like.<BR><BR>But I do like solving puzzles. I like finding better answers, faster answers, shorter answers, etc. And while I can more readily answer ASP (VBS and JS) questions of this nature, I&#039;ll happily tackle VB.NET problems of this nature if asked.<BR><BR>I don&#039;t often monitor this forum, so if you want to make sure I&#039;ll see a question, post it in the general ASP Q&A (or, if it&#039;s really appropriate, in the Advanced forum).<BR><BR>This was a good post, Ashi!<BR><BR>

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    The only thing that makes me answer questions is that "I feel like it".<BR>If I were paid for the time I spent here, it would be different.<BR><BR>"I feel like it" can be brought on by many different things.<BR><BR>Sometimes a question piques my curiosity, so I will go to the documentation and to google and I will find and post the answer because I want to know. (e.g.<BR><BR>Som etimes the answer is simple and I am bored so I will take the time to write "2+2=4, not 22"<BR>Sometimes the answer is simple and I am busy, so I will do nothing.<BR>Sometimes the answer is simple and I am not busy but I think, "If I answer this one, what will they ask next"<BR><BR>Sometimes I have no idea what the question means, so I do nothing.<BR>Sometimes I have no interest in what the answer might be, so I do nothing.<BR><BR>Sometimes (rare) I think that people are better off being left to search by themselves, as the may very well find the answer and more importantly learn how to find the answers. The may in fact have found the answer, and not posted it before you answer their post.<BR><BR>(e.g.<BR><BR>If I am in a bad mood, I will only answer the most difficult questions, as that helps me feel better.<BR><BR>Some days, I am doing my best to climb the Top 100, so I will answer just about anything.<BR><BR>This does not explain why your messages went unanswered, just why I answer some posts and not others.<BR><BR>If you are really stuck, you could post a message that says so with links to the posts where you are stuck.<BR>

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